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We partner with you to help you make smarter money choices. As a team we are better together to help you reach your financial goals.

Use our checklist below to help pay down your mortgage faster.

Increase your Repayments

Increase by $100 per Week, every single Year until it is paid off.

Increase your Repayments Frequency

Instead of Monthly repayments, make Fortnightly repayments.

Re-Finance to a Lower Interest Rate every Year

Either speak to your Bank or a Mortgage Broker

Have at least one (1) Offset Account for Savings

Having Multiple Offset accounts for your Bills, Everyday expenses, Good Times is even better but will cost an Admin fee.

If Interest Rates are low, you may Fix a portion of your loan & have an amount Variable

As an example, if you have a $500,000 Mortgage & Interest Rates are less than 3%, you may Fix $400,000 for 3 Years & try to pay off $100,000 in that time with a Variable interest rate

Investment Loan: Businesses or Property

Make it an Interest Only Loan

Ideally, make Yearly payments for the Interest

Don’t crystallize the Interest, pay it off each year so the Loan does not increase.

Receive the Income (Rent or Dividends) into a separate Bank Account

Do not reinvest the income unless you need too for the Property

If investing in Businesses (Shares), you would use the Dividends to further decrease your Home Loan (Debt Recycling)

Track all Expenses related to the Investment Loan as these can be deducted from your Tax

An Investment Property has various expenses such as Management Fee, Repairs, Maintenance, Water, Rates etc Whereas borrowing to invest in Businesses (Shares) it is the Admin / Platform fee, Investment Management cost, Interest & Adviser Fee if you have one.

Once your Non-Tax-Deductible Home Loan is paid off, focus the Repayments on your Investment Loan.

The ideal scenario is to be DEBT FREE so that all the income produced, you can spend rather than it be used to repay the loan

Client Testimonial

Grant Maze at Edge Advisory Partners has been a huge help in advising us on retirement plans and financial services. Grant always explains in layman’s terms what various regulations mean and how we can get the very best out of our retirement funds. I know we would not be in our current great position if we hadn’t sought help from Grant. Grant and his team make things easy to understand and we find we don’t struggle through large amounts of paperwork on our own; he listens to us and helps us plan our finances according to our lifestyle choices. Grant sets our mind at ease and we have faith in his guidance and understanding of what we want and need for our retirement future.

Peter and Christine

Both my wife and I have been with Edge Advisory Partners for quite a few years and have found them to be very professional and friendly.

Have helped to steer us in the right direction with sound advice.

Highly recommend!

Russell and Wendy, Geelong

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