Start making more of your money

We offer support by providing helpful information about maximising super and preparing for retirement. 


Superannuation is a long term investment that is mandated by the federal government. Your employer contributes to your super account but you can also make personal contributions.

The super fund trustee invests the money on your behalf and any earnings go into your super account.

The money is held in your fund until you meet a condition of release such as reaching retirement age. 


Edge Advisory Partners will help you by explaining how super works and talking with you about the following:

  • Contributing to your super
  • Choosing the right super fund
  • Choosing investments alligned with your tolerance for risk
  • Minimising your income tax by contributing to your superannuation account
  • Growing your super
  • EoFY super tips
  • Super and your first home
  • Where to from here

Ask us everything you have always wanted to know about superannuation and we will help you to prepare for a healthier retirement. It’s never too early to start planning for the future.