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We’re the team partnering with you, making smart money choices. The secret to our client’s
success is that they work with our team, which includes their advisor, but so much more.

With your advisor sits technical experts, loan brokers, stockbrokers, super experts and our
accounting partners that help you grow from where you are to where you want to be.

Our focus is regional Australia and supporting communities in which we live and neither
distance nor time causes separation between you and our team, with technology bringing
us closer together than ever before.

Financial Advice is about unlocking the potential we all have to take steps towards our
personal and financial goals.

The work we do is tailored to each client we work with, and as a result our fees are
determined by the work that we will need to do for you.

Costs aren’t decided until we understand you, your position and needs, be it insurance,
superannuation, investment, budgeting or loan financing. We will discuss potential costs in
our first meeting, which is, and always will be without charge or obligation.

Our Financial Services and Credit Guide provides an outline of likely costs for elements of
our advice, but these are just a guide and will be tailored to you.

Partnering with you and making smart money choices is a process of learning, deciding and
doing. Our process matches to where you are in life and what you wish to achieve and includes:

Introduction – Let’s get to know each other and decide if we are the team you want to work with.

Data Collection – We need to spend time collecting all the hard stuff – super, investments, tax
returns etc.

Setting up a plan – We will set up a plan which takes all we’ve learned together and decides the
next steps to take.

Doing the work – With smart money choices made, we take the time to make sure that those
choices come to life – apply for insurance, get a new home loan, top-up your super, open a Self
Managed Super Fund – the solutions are broad but will be specific to the plan we’ve agreed.

Staying on track – With the hard work done upfront, we partner with you over time to make sure
that the plan you have in place actually happens. When challenges come and new money
choices need to be made, we will always be here to guide and partner.

If you’re a first home buyer, your new mortgage is likely the largest financial commitment
you’ve ever made. Our finance brokers work with you to get the right loan for you, at the
lowest cost and to stay with you through the process of settling the purchase.

Refinancing, upsizing or renovating? Our finance brokers understand that the right loan for
you might be different to what you needed when you started out. Cost, flexibility and access
will be important and our team will match your needs to the loan market.

Investors, when looking for loan solutions, flexibility and tax efficiency are most important.
Our brokers understand that each investor’s needs are different to any other borrowers and will
work with you to deliver a solution that works with your long term plan.

We’re the team partnering with you. Making smart money choices.

Starting work, saving for a home or starting a family? We help younger people make great
decisions to finance homes, invest superannuation and/or ensure the safety of family and plans.

Growing wealth and creating choices for yourself and your family? We work with you to
make the most of what you already built, and to create an investment plan which is cost
effective, low tax, and tailored to your individual pans.

Retiring, downsizing or changing pace? You’ve done the hard work and created options with
great financial decisions throughout your life. We continue to partner with you to make great
decisions as you move into the phases of life when you live from the income that your super and
investments generate.


You don’t have to figure out your financial future alone.